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Preparing for laser hair removal: everything you need to know

It's time to say goodbye to shaving, plucking, waxing and using terrible smelling hair removal creams in order to feel comfortable in a bikini at the beach or a singlet at the gym. 


Yes, shaving is a cost effective solution, but it is also a short-term fix with stubble showing one or two days after (if you’re one of the lucky ones). Waxing, on the other hand, gives us that silky smooth feeling for longer but requires over a week of hair growth prior to treatment- no thanks!


If you’re ready to start considering a more permanent solution to hair removal then laser treatment might be for you. However, it is not an overnight solution to unwanted hair growth and there are a few things to consider prior to your treatment.





If you decide to go ahead with laser hair removal you will need to plan your treatment wisely.

Tanned or sun damaged skin is unsuitable for laser treatment so you will need to stay out of the sun for approximately 4-6 weeks prior to your appointment. This also means staying clear of tanning beds and cosmetic tanning lotions and creams.

The same rules apply after treatment. Your skin will be sensitive to sunlight so invest in some good quality SPF and avoid any harsh chemicals such as perfumes and deodorants for the first week after your session.

We recommend starting your treatment plan before summer. Not only will it be more effective, you are also likely to see a reduction in hair growth before it is time to pull out the shorts and dresses! 





The lasers used for the procedure have come a long way since first being introduced and most hair and skin types can now benefit from treatment.

Previously it was more difficult to treat skin types IV & V, however thanks to our Gentle Max Pro YAG laser, it is now safer and more effective than ever before. 

If you have any concerns, we recommend you complete a patch test before booking your treatment to discover how well the skin reacts to laser light and ensure you will not be left with any scarring after treatment. We offer this service as part of our complimentary consultations. 

Find out more about our NEW laser here.





Unlike waxing laser hair removal does not require you to grow out any of your hair beforehand.

If you are coming for your fist session, we ask you leave a patch of hair about the size of a 50 cent coin so we can assess the hair and choose the appropriate settings.

However, if you have had your consultation, you are required to shave all areas that are being treated. It is usually best to do this the night before as to avoid any unwanted shaving rash prior to your session. 



Laser hair removal works differently on different skin types so do not be disappointed if you leave your first session without feeling completely hair free. The process takes time and in most cases 6-8 sessions are required for each area treated. The time between each treatment is also a factor in how effective they are. The best result are often seen in cases where the treatment is consistent. Most clients start to notice result after 2-3 months.

Remind yourself that being patient now will be worth it in the long run, saving you time and money in the future. Laser hair removal can permanently reduce up to 85% of unwanted body hair and any hairs that are left behind are often unnoticeable as they are thinner and lighter. 




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